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As a versatile cooling medium that ChillPro Systems has been applying to numerous industries since 2014, ChillPro’s three brands – ChillPro COOL, ChillPro FRESH and ChillPro ENERGY, are based around the science and patented LiquidICE technology developed by the company over 10 years ago. Having transformed the approach to cooling, and although still relatively new technology, it is shaping the future of cooling solutions in both increasing efficiency of harvesting and processing, and dramatically saving costs. The technology is based around a low temperature slush made of thousands of ice crystals and has the ability to serve numerous industries and improve quality and efficiencies within business operations. 

LiquidICE delivers up to 3 times the cooling rate of conventional methods such as RFS or Flake Ice. Nature of the LiquidICE ensures cooling below 4 degrees to the core, without freezing, in less than 40 minutes.

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LiquidICE contains high amounts of latent heat energy which can be stored, converted and used later for cooling applications providing a renewable and clean source of energy.

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ChillPro LiquidICE technology offers a wide range of cooling temperatures and ice consistencies in order to deliver optimum results across a variety of products and applications. As an option, built within each system package LiquidICE can be formulated to achieve different flow rates. 

LiquidICE - Flow30

LiquidICE - Flow 30

LiquidICE Flow30 is the most easy-flowing liquid consistency. This option allows for instant cooling rate and is best suited for applications requiring direct chilling.

LiquidICE - Flow50

LiquidICE - Flow50

Best suited for products that require long-lasting cooling, LiquidICE Flow 50 contains larger and higher concentration of crystals. The solution packs well.


LiquidICE - Flow100

LiquidICE Flow100 is a perfect solution for packing and shipping products. The dry, flowing consistency provides excellent cooling for liquid-free environments.

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