Why install a thermal energy battery in your building?

Supporting decarbonisation of Australia’s electricity system is achievable by effectively storing the energy produced from renewable sources through the TESberg thermal energy battery. With building and HVAC processes accounting for up to 40% of CO2 emissions, and a target to the 43% emissions cut by 2030, a storage system is required for effectively reaching this goal.

Why do you need thermal energy storage?

Renewable energy and increased electrification are centre to many countries decarbonisation plans. Cutting down on emissions is important and with government plans and strategies in place, it is key that we all play our part in reaching towards this goal.

However, as a key role in decarbonisation, producing renewable energy such as wind and solar power can be unreliable. Despite being clean sources of electricity, they don’t produce power when it gets dark or when the wind stops blowing. As these power sources are becoming increasingly important to our energy economy, so does the technology that allows energy producers/utilities to store excess energy that is generated when the sun shines and the wind blows. ChillPro’s TESberg stores energy produced from renewables that can then be released as needed, providing a continuous flow of clean energy during periods of high demand or when wind and solar energy is unavailable.

Key benefits of thermal energy storage

  • Reduced running cost. Load shifting provides reliable operation and lower annual electricity/running costs.
  • Increased capacity. As a retrofit application, the additional TES load may increase the system output with any additional machinery.
  • Green solution. Reduced machinery size, energy consumption results in both direct and indirect CO2 emission. Natural alternative to reduce energy.
  • Flexible system. The overall machinery capacity and TES capacity can be exactly matched to system loads.
  • Stand-by capacity. In case the main machinery fails, the stored energy can be utilised to handle they system loads, hence providing a degree of backup facility.

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