Why choosing a ChillPro FRESH LiquidICE system will benefit your fish processing.

ChillPro LiquidICE systems deliver a consistent ice slurry that provides exceptional cooling and preservation for fresh food and delicate food products that require rapid chilling in order to preserve their freshness. With quick chill properties and versatility of the LiquidICE, our systems are trusted by commercial fishermen, seafood processors and distributers around the world. There are a variety of ways ChillPro FRESH system packages can be used:

– Onboard Processing to cool caught catch instantly, preserving peak freshness.

– Maintaining temperature and quality of fish in the hold of fishing vessel during the commercial fishing season, at the dock or out at sea.

– Applying to fish carts and totes for distribution and transport.

– Product icing and re-icing during seafood processing stages.

– Maintaining temperatures in ice baths for aquaculture applications.

– Applying to fish in display for wholesale and retail distribution. Whilst chilling and holding fish at a constant temperature, the nature of LiquidICE means products can be transported longer, opening up greater market reach, as well as the added benefit of selling better quality fish for higher prices.

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