What is superchilling?

Superchilling is a method of cooling food or beverages to a temperature slightly below its freezing point. This is often between -1 to -5 degrees c.  This technique is used to extend the shelf life of perishable products, such as fish, and improve its quality.

How does superchilling keep seafood fresher for longer?

Unlike traditional freezing, where products are rapidly frozen at much lower temperatures, superchilling brings the product to the edge of freezing without actually allowing it to freeze completely. This helps preserve the texture, taste and nutritional value of food – thus playing a critical role in freshness, shelf-life and quality of food when thawed and consumed.

Superchilling is often used in the food industry for products like fish, meat, fruits and vegetables. It is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to reduce food waste and maintain food quality.

Superchilling is critical for the quality of seafood – by lowering the temperature of the fish to just below freezing point, bacteria growth is slowed, but not too low where it freezes and affects the quality of the fish.


How does superchilling work for seafood?

Fresh fish is often stored on ice on ship which maintains the fish at about 0 degrees c. the difference with superchilling is it prechills the fish in tanks, which brings the temperature of the fish to just below freezing. The fish can then be stored in LiquidICE to keep the temperature of the fish low for the trip back to port.

What are the benefits of superchilled seafood?

  • – FASTER AND COLDER Seafood can be superchilled at peak freshness, only minutes after it has been caught at sea, cleaned and washed.
  • – FRESHER FOR LONGER Superchilled seafood remains fresh several days longer than ice chilled seafood, when under the correct conditions.
  • – BETTER PROCESSING Superchilling preserves freshness therefore keeping it firmer and more pliable for easier processing.
  • – BETTER QUALITY Superchilled fish are better quality than ice cooled fish because they are fast cooled before they enter the fish hold. Ice cooled fish enter the fish hold at much higher deck temperatures.
  • – REDUCE SPOILAGE – often up to a quarter of edible seafood can be lost due to spoilage. Superchilling seafood can reduce spoiling and wastage.

ChillPro LiquidICE System:

The ChillPro LiquidICE system is available in a range of configurations. With ice fraction options ranging from 10% to 70% ice crystals, and your choice of salinity from 0.1%, ChillPro LiquidICE system can be suited to a variety of seafood applications and industries to meet the specific requirements of your operation – whether its cooling and preservation, process cooling or industrial systems.

We will work closely with you to understand your business and develop a solution that perfectly integrates into your operation.

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