LiquidICE vs. Flake Ice

Processing of seafood, poultry & meats as well as produce packing or dairy production all require effective and efficient industrial ice systems in order to preserve product quality and maintain peak freshness. Having the right ice technology system is important for:

  • – Reducing product wastage, increasing yield and therefore shelf-life of your product
  • – Longer shelf-life and fresher product means new markets can be reached
  • – Operational costs reduced and overall bottom line profits increased

The more commonly used and traditional methods of cooling for product preservation and chilling on production are through water chillers, flake or crushed ice and RSW (for seafood processes). Whilst these methods of cooling have been used for many decades, the need for more efficient cooling method has arisen as time demands and the need for fresher, more sustainable product has increased. ChillPro FRESH LiquidICE is a liquid slurry ice technology that harnesses the power of super-chilling through innovative technologies developed by ChillPro Systems over 20 years ago. LiquidICE systems can be used over a wide range of applications and are fully adaptable for many processes. As a modular and configurable systems, LiquidICE is made and distrusted to cool your product effectively, capturing and preserving freshness from harvest to plate of your consumer.

What are the advantages of cooling with LiquidICE versus cooling with Flake Ice?

  • Cooling rate is up to 5 times faster, the LiquidICE fully coats the outside of the product with no air or heat pockets cooling the product instantly to the core.
  • The product is protected due to the soft nature of the LiquidICE particles which suspend and encapsulate the product preventing any bruising or damage during processing and transport. Unlike the flake ice, where the sharp edges of the ice can cut, damage or bruise the product causing reduced product quality and the inability to sell at a higher price.
  • LiquidICE cools and hold the product without freezing it at sub-zero whereas the flake ice cannot cool a product below zero degrees. The LiquidICE then stores the product at sub-zero which increases product shelf-life as well as preventing bacterial growth which is common when the product warms up. As well as keeping the product cool, the LiquidICE ensures the product stays hydrated during processing and transport.
  • As a modular and highly configurable solution, the LiquidICE systems allow for continual expansion and adaptability as your operations increase and grow. The LiquidICE system adapts to you exact operation with the ability to change flow-rates, consistency and coverage depending on what you are processing or manufacturing best suited to that product.
  • Increase and speed up operations. LiquidICE offers the control and automation over the icing process, reduces manual labour and increases the storage window for the product. Flake ice often requires manual labour shoveling and distributing the ice around the facility to where it is needed which increases operational costs.

ChillPro Systems understands the fast-paced and time critical environments in the processing of fresh food products. We work with our clients to design and manufacture the best suited cooling and preservation LiquidICE systems that bring versatility and flexibility to the fresh food industry. Whether you require a small inline unit or large storage based system, our team work with you to build a range of solutions that integrate straight into current operations, maximising efficiency and productivity.

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