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As a versatile cooling medium that ChillPro Systems has been applying to numerous industries since 2014, ChillPro’s three brands - ChillPro COOL, ChillPro FRESH and ChillPro ENERGY, are based around the science and patented LiquidICE technology developed by the company over 10 years ago. Having transformed the approach to cooling, and although still relatively new technology, it is shaping the future of cooling solutions in both increasing efficiency of harvesting and processing, and dramatically saving costs. The technology is based around a low temperature slush made of thousands of ice crystals and has the ability to serve numerous industries and improve quality and efficiencies within business operations. 

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Thermal Energy Storage systems employ the production of ice or chilled water during off-peak electrical usage periods using lower cost electricity. This stored energy is then used during on-peak electrical usage periods for air conditioning. Thermal energy storage systems can be sized to operate in a load-shifting or load-leveling strategy.
ChillPro FRESH uses LiquidICE technology to deliver exceptional cooling and preservation for greater product quality. Used over many food production and processing applications, ChillPro FRESH LiquidICE systems harness the power of rapid cooling to improve profitability in operations and product quality.
LiquidICE for process cooling provides many very impressive benefits to dairies, breweries and other beverage plants, meat & food processing plants and manufacturing plants. LiquidICE excels in these applications because of the high latent energy found in the small, fluid ice crystals which can maintain solution temperature being pumped to heat loads and absorb massive amounts of heat very quickly and consistently.
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Water is a biomimicry renewable natural resource which is never going to run out. Using the properties of water to provide a solution to cooling requirements, that are traditionally relying on resources that are non-replaceable, provides a perfect long-term and eco-friendly solution to cooling, chilling and thermal control needs. ChillPro is driving the cold phenomenon by the phase change in water to LiquidICE. As the water is changing phase to Ice, it holds huge amounts of energy. This energy is used for cooling processes as the latent heat fusion speeds up cooling rates and lowers operational costs. As a natural resource, water, and ultimately LiquidICE, doesn't degrade, you can freeze and unfreeze it many times without losing value. A safe, clean and eco-friendly cooling medium that lasts for a lifetime. 

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