Why Choose Thermal Energy Storage?

ChillPro ENERGY ICEPOD thermal energy storage is a green technology used in the cooling systems of buildings and processes. ChillPro ENERGY ICEPOD can deliver lower cooling costs, a cleaner environment and can help benefit towards carbon neutral. 


Benefit in your application

LiquidICE delivers up to 3 times the cooling rate of conventional methods such as RFS or Flake Ice. Nature of the LiquidICE ensures cooling below 4 degrees to the core, without freezing, in less than 40 minutes.

Exceptional customer support and a worry free system is important. That’s why CALMAC offers free, unlimited support with the design of any storage system and a quality all welded storage tank. Building occupants will be happy that it works from day one and that it keeps working for its entire 30 year life cycle. With rigorous quality control processes and all welded heat exchanger, CALMAC is reinventing thermal energy storage for the modern age. For a quick, simple solution, ask about the new ice enhanced air cooled pre-designed chiller package.

Take control of energy costs while keeping building occupants productive and comfortable by storing energy when electricity is less expensive. By avoiding peak demand charges and using low-cost night energy it is possible to pay up to 50% less for the largest portion of your electric demand– cooling. Even as electricity rates fluctuate, be prepared, to take advantage of lower energy costs. Tout environmental stewardship by using thermal energy storage to help organizational corporate social responsibility goals.

For designers passionate about sustainability, IceBank energy storage uses cleaner, night-time energy. IceBank also supports legislative efforts to meet renewable generation targets. Be a green champion and see how buildings can achieve LEED or NetZero status with IceBank.

Improve load factor by helping more buildings reduce their peak demand. With CALMAC energy storage, it’s possible to delay or eliminate power plant expansions or upgrades and 25% more sellable kWh out of fixed equipment. Grid reliability also improves with thermal energy storage, as renewable energy such as wind and solar is incorporated onto the grid.

Want to turn your building into an energy storage asset?

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ChillPro ENERGY is a brand of ChillPro Systems. Using LiquidICE technologies developed  and patented by ChillPro Systems in 2002, ChillPro ENERGY uses the power of LiquidICE slurry to provide thermal control solutions to cool buildings and help saves operational costs in cooling processes. 

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