ChillPro COOL


Precision-made industrial water chillers to cool, capture, contain.

ChillPro ENERGY accelerates the renewable energy revolution using LiquidICE as a sustainable energy storage solution. ChillPro ENERGY solutions help turn commercial building cooling systems from grid burdens into clean, safe and cost-effective energy storage assets.


Operate your process at full capacity with ChillPro COOL chiller range, designed and manufactured with high reliability and robust for continued operation.

ChillPro COOL offers process water chillers with cooling capacities from 1KW to 100KW, designed to work with process fluid temperature requirements ranging from -35˚C to +50˚C. Drawing on over 20 years’ experience, ChillPro understands that the demands of process applications are extremely diverse, so our chillers are highly configurable and are manufactured with a high degree of flexibility to allow for the requirement of your process. 

As well as being a flexible solution to your specific process needs, ChillPro COOL chillers are built to be highly reliable, durable, a long-life span and yet competitively priced. Process chillers are often the mainstay of 24/7 manufacturing so it is of high importance to ensure your chiller can adapt to external factors as well as offer peace of mind to its user that the chiller will keep running. The in-house engineering resources allow ChillPro to provide solutions to your specialty cooling needs, offering a wide – range of computer aided design services, PLC programming and system design.



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