BEHIND chillpro packages

ChillPro Systems cooling solutions are extremely low maintenance, however there are often numerous questions behind the packages, and most importantly – what makes ChillPro’s units FASTER | COLDER | BETTER for all. Explore the FAQs below to answer any queries or call our friendly team on 1300 244 558 and they will happily assist with your enquiry.

At ChillPro our cooling solutions are all based around the science and patented LiquidICE technology developed by the company over 10 years ago. Our three cooling solutions, ChillPro COOL, ChillPro FRESH and ChillPro ENERGY all use the LiquidICE within the system packages as a versatile and sustainable cooling medium.

All our ice systems are regulated for the food, beverage and medical industries where advanced CIP and SIP are required. The ice is generated, stored, and distributed in a closed environment, and never exposed to outside contaminants.

Ice is sustainable, it’s a natural resource that isn’t going to run out.

The energy stored in 1KG of ice has the same amount of energy as the same quantity of water heated by 80˚C.

ChillPro LiquidICE technology is based around a low temperature slush made of thousands of ice crystals and is an environmentally friendly solution and reduces your carbon-footprint. Using less energy to improve quality and efficiencies within business operations benefits the return on investment and savings in production processes.

Cooling rate is directly related to the surface coverage, so the surface coverage directly impacts the speed of removing heat from you fish and/or seafood. ChillPro FRESH LiquidICE slurry cools up to 3 times faster than flake ice methods completely covering the product leaving no air or heat pockets. The faster the product is cooled the higher the ability to maintain freshness and quality, increasing your profits.

Yes, ChillPro has offices in the UK which cover the British Isles and Europe. The Warehouse and Manufacturing Facility is based in Australia, and we can ship to most locations worldwide. Please contact our support team on +61 (0) 1300 244 558 if you are unsure whether we can ship to your country. 

From delivery/commissioning, this is 12 months. This can vary depending on the system that may have been purchased. If you have any questions regarding a cooling system you have purchased, please speak to our service team by calling +61 (0) 1300 244 558 or emailing

Yes, as part of you experience, whether that be ChillPro ENERGY, ChillPro FRESH or ChillPro ICE, ChillPro’s engineers work with you to build a system specifically suited for your requirements. Our systems are modular and come in various sizes allowing for varying capacities and site sizes. We can always ensure you’ll get the perfect solution for your applications.