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precision cooling & thermal control

ChillPro Systems manufactures and sells cooling & thermal control systems to suit every cooling requirement across sanitary and industrial applications. ChillPro Systems offers cost savings and unique cooling solutions for a variety of chilling applications. Our three brands provide cooling in fish and vegetable processing, process cooling, meat and poultry processing, and HVAC thermal energy storage among others.


Our ChillPro ENERGY solution helps accelerate the renewable energy revolution through technologies to create sustainable energy storage solutions. We understand that buildings, warehouses and utilities can each account for up to 40% of global carbon emissions and by providing ChillPro ENERGY solutions we work with commercial and industrial buildings to help turn their cooling and heating systems from grid burdens into clean, safe and cost-effective energy storage assets. 


Our ChillPro FRESH focusses on the correct cooling and chilling of fresh food products from harvest and preserving product freshness, maintaining product quality in order to lengthen product life. From seafood, fruit and vegetables, meats and poultry through to applications in dairy, dips and prepared food manufacturing, ChillPro FRESH systems are used over many food production and processing applications, using ice technology to harness the power of rapid cooling to improve profitability in operations and product quality.


LiquidICE for process cooling provides many very impressive benefits to dairies, breweries and other beverage plants, meat & food processing plants and manufacturing plants. LiquidICE excels in these applications because of the high latent energy found in the small, fluid ice crystals which can maintain solution temperature being pumped to heat loads and absorb massive amounts of heat very quickly and consistently.

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