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LiquidiCE Slurry for cooling Shrimp

When it comes to cooling shrimp and prawns after harvest, we understand the importance in ensuring temperatures of the shrimp are quickly reached in order to maintain the quality as from catch. The ChillPro FRESH LiquidICE system offers and delivers a highly advanced preservation process in order to improve your shrimp production by increasing product yields, increasing the quality and speeding up operations – overall enhancing the profitability of your business. 



ChillPro FRESH LiquidICE is pumped out of a totally enclosed CIP system, suspending and uniformly covering the shrimp. With even coverage and full surface contact with the LiquidICE, the shrimp is cooled quickly and efficiently as the heat transfer rate speeds up and the shrimps cools up to x2 faster than other traditional methods of cooling, such as with Flake Ice or RSW. The LiquidICE provides a cushioning effect to the shrimp which protects product from discolouring or bruising. With faster cooling rates, shrimp production can achieve optimal productivity as operations are sped up. LiquidICE can be pumped anywhere along the processing line through to pumping into transport containers for shipping. 

Instant and uniform cooling

Cooling of product with LiquidICE technology is up to 2 times faster than traditional methods such as flake or RSW. The LiquidICE provides chills Shrimp in less than 5 minutes to sub-zero temperatures. The shrimp can be maintained at this temperature right through processing to transport.

Long-term core temperature control

Cooling to product core maintains temperatures ideal for a longer shelf
life. The LiquidICE is pumped through the ChillPro FRESH system and quickly cools to sub-zero without freezing the product, preserving appearance and peak quality, extending shelf life by up to 5 days.

Streamlined production and operations

LiquidICE cooling helps you to simplify and speed up the shrimp harvesting and processing. Reducing labour requirements with a fully automated system and cutting out all unnecessary steps such as pre-chilling, chemical treatment or manual shovelling of ice. With less steps in the operation process and faster cooling times, the entire process can benefits from savings in costs and time.

Improved operation

LiquidICE slurry can be automatically pumped to any point of use throughout the processing stages. This reduces manual labour required to handle ice and eliminates costly operation and maintenance equipment.

Superior product

LiquidICE is made from many nano-sized ice particles that are extremely delicate and toitally coat the entire surface. Unlike conventional methods of cooling such as the use of flake and crushed ice, the LiquidICE preserves product appearance and leaves no damage to the surface.


The efficient cooling of LiquidICE slurry lets you cut the ice consumption required at harvest or processing by 35%. It eliminates the need to constantly replenish melted ice or break up clumped ice, saving time and money.

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