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Produce Processing

maintain field freshness

From moment of harvest, ensuring produce freshness is maintained, little moisture is lost and preserving field-fresh quality is important to all fruit and vegetable growers. ChillPro FRESH LiquidICE technology is applied to produce, preserving it from harvest, through processing and onto package, storage and shipping. The nature of the ice ensures product is fully coated and gets into all small spaces providing maximum cooling where product cannot discolour, wilt or loose moisture. By applying ChillPro LiquidICE to your fruit or vegetables, product shelf-life increases meaning goods can reach new and further markets. Unlike crushed or flake ice, where goods can spoil after few days at sea, LiquidICE has helped growers worldwide improve their product quality, optimise operations and profit further by growing in their business.

the solution

Power in LiquidICE

ChillPro FRESH systems are often used by many produce growers nation-wide as an efficient and sustainable way to cool produce and save on energy costs. LiquidICE is generated in the system and during harvest is distributed and applied direct to the product to remove all field heat from the fruits or vegetables. There are many areas within the processing chain that farmers and processors use the LiquidICE to maintain and build product quality. 

your key benefits

Preserve fresh

Rapid cooling rate

Fast cooling rate of the ChillPro FRESH LiquidICE benefits produce applications where field heat must be removed in order to avoid wilting and discolouring after harvest.  ChillPro FRESH LiquidICE proves as one of the most effective processes in stopping degradation.    

Ship further and open new markets

With instant cooling of produce that has all field-heat removed and a constant temperature is maintained, ChillPro LiquidICE enables longer shipping as crystals stay in the same state as when first applied to the product. Product is preserved extending the shipping to market window. 

Lengthen product shelf life

ChillPro LiquidICE properties prevent produce from drying out after a certain period of time, due to being able to retain moisture better than original methods of cooling such as crushed or flake ice. Product is kept in it's freshly harvested condition and as a result keeps fresher for longer.

Streamline processing operations

With an automated system, operations can be simplified and sped up as LiquidICE packages are integrated into system operations. With the ability to pump the LiquidICE straight into the storage boxes, containers and skids can be chilled quickly and efficiently before dispatch.

Maintain field freshness

LiquidICE is made from many nano-sized ice particles that are extremely delicate and totally coat the entire surface. Unlike conventional methods of cooling such as the use of flake and crushed ice, the LiquidICE preserves product appearance, avoids wilting after harvest and maintains peak freshness.

Increased profits

The efficient cooling of LiquidICE slurry lets you cut the ice consumption required at harvest or processing by 35%. It eliminates the need to constantly replenish melted ice or break up clumped ice, saving time and money
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selecting your system

ChillPro FRESH LiquidICE systems are available in a range of system configurations. Each system is designed and manufactured to suit the specific needs of your operation, processing facilities and site footprint. ChillPro works closely with your business offering a process evaluation to understand your current operating methods and develop the perfect LiquidICE solution to keep yours fresher.

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