poultry processing

poultry processing

reduce bacterial growth, extend shelf life

Across the industry, reducing bacterial growth and extending shelf life of poultry products is a vital and key element. Attention is focused on bacterial counts, energy costs and enlarged poultry that is too big for the lines. ChillPro FRESH LiquidICE systems enable full control and provide a clean, energy saving solution that speeds up production and freshness of all poultry product. Due to the nature of the LiquidICE, product is chilled instantly to the core prohibiting any bacteria growth or air-borne contaminants that have an effect on product quality. Rapid cooling is maintained from processing to consumption, keeping the bird moist and lengthen product shelf life as there is no breakdown within the product whilst in processing or at market. By using the ChillPro LiquidICE before the blast/spiral freezer, freezing times are even faster resulting in reduction in operating costs. 

the solution

improve poultry process

High quality, more efficient and rapid cooling rates as well as improving operational efficiencies helps enhance profitability and ROI. By using ChillPro FRESH systems to cool your product by LiquidICE slurry proves a highly advanced and ultimate preservation process to help maximise your poultry production and be ahead in the game. ChillPro FRESH systems are used by poultry producers and processors throughout the processing chain and benefit from using LiquidICE slurry in a number of different ways. 

your key benefits

deliver higher quality product

Improved product yield

The instant cooling of the poultry and full coverage of ChillPro FRESH LiquidICE on the birds ensure no product wastage or warm spots on the bird which results in serious disintegration over a short period of time.

Extended shelf life

Delivering rapid cooling cooler than original methods reduces spoilage and extends the shelf life of the poultry products. Moisture is kept within the bird maintaining and improving quality.

Superior hygiene

ChillPro LiquidICE is stored and distributed in a fully enclosed system, limiting all exposure to outside contaminants. A CIP system made with Stainless Steel 316. 

Optimised operations

ChillPro FRESH LiquidICE systems helps to speed up and simplify processing operations as delivery of the LiquidICE is easy with multiple distribution points limiting manual handling of ice and waste.

Faster cooling rates

The LiquidICE particles cool your product faster than any other ice solution as the LiquidICE slurry completely coats and surrounds the birds allowing for faster heat transfer. The product is instantly cooled to the core and maintained at a constant temperature.

Increased performance

The faster cooling of LiquidICE slurry helps boost the spin chiller capacity and performance, speeding up your operations, without adding additional equipment.
our solutions

selecting your system

ChillPro FRESH LiquidICE systems are available in a range of system configurations. Each system is designed and manufactured to suit the specific needs of your operation, processing facilities and site footprint. ChillPro works closely with your business offering a process evaluation to understand your current operating methods and develop the perfect LiquidICE solution to keep yours fresher. Using ChillPro FRESH LiquidICE systems for Poultry processing results in a higher quality frozen product to send to market. The birds are faster to freeze increase processing efficiency and improving the quality of the product. It is important that the birds are chilled right to the core instantly to reduce time for bacterial growth and access of air-borne containments. ChillPro LiquidICE provides this immediate and uniform cooling.

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