meat processing

meat processing

maintain weight, extend shelf life

ChillPro FRESH LiquidICE offers numerous benefits over other types of ice allowing you to maintain your cold chain and extend shelf life of your highly perishable products. At ChillPro we realise that the most crucial factor for many meat processors is ensuring rapid and effective chilling of meat products in order to maintain moisture, reduce bacterial growth and weight is maintained in order to maximise shelf life and enhance profitability. With global demand to consume better and fresher foods, this can put pressure on many companies. The correct cooling system and preservation method that works for you is most important to ensure you get the most return on investment. ChillPro FRESH LiquidICE takes that step forward in ensuring food preservation through the innovative and sustainable ice technology.

the solution

targeted chilling

Due to the instant cooling power of LiquidICE slurry, ChillPro FRESH systems are considered best choice for use during meat processing. With quick chill properties and versatility of the LiquidICE, our systems are trusted by commercial processors and distributers nationwide. ChillPro FRESH LiquidICE systems are used in almost any area of the processing cycle with the ability to be pumped anywhere within the factory and used in various ways.  

your key benefits

deliver fresh

Rapid cooling technology

The miniscule ice particles cool your product faster than any other ice solution as the LiquidICE slurry completely coats the product, maximising cooling surface area. The product is instantly cooled to the core and maintained at a constant temperature.

Retain moisture within the meat

LiquidICE slurry provides the best preservation to you product as the muscle fibres of the meat are able to retain the natural moisture that comes from the meat during processing of cutting, grinding and further processing requirements.

Improved operational efficiencies

LiquidICE slurry can be automatically pumped to any point of use throughout the processing stages. This reduces manual labour required to handle ice and eliminates costly operation and maintenance equipment.

Easy integration into current system

ChillPro FRESH LiquidICE systems are modular and easily adaptable. This allows for easy integration into any current processing systems with little down-time for installation and maintenance. The ChillPro FRESH LiquidICE systems work into continuous and batch mixers.

Lengthen product shelf life

LiquidICE is made from many nano-sized ice particles that are extremely delicate and totally coat the entire surface. This enables preserved product appearance, a maintenance of product weight leaving no damage to the surface and as a result lengthens product shelf-life.

Increased profits

The efficient cooling of LiquidICE slurry lets you cut the ice consumption required at harvest or processing by 35%. It eliminates the need to constantly replenish melted ice or break up clumped ice, saving time and money.
our solutions

selecting your system

ChillPro FRESH LiquidICE systems are available in a range of system configurations. Each system is designed and manufactured to suit the specific needs of your operation, processing facilities and site footprint. ChillPro works closely with your business offering a process evaluation to understand your current operating methods and develop the perfect LiquidICE solution to keep yours fresher.

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