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Cooling in dairy production


Pasteurising milk, cheese and ice-cream production all require close temperature control as specific temperatures must be reached at difference cooling rates and once reached, these temperatures must be held and kept throughout processing, transport and storage. This is necessary both for product quality and to meet food standard requirements. 



enhance flavour and freshness

ChillPro FRESH LiquidICE can be applied to a variety of dairy processing applications. By using the ChillPro LiquidICE slurry system for cooling of your dairy goods, faster cooling to reach required temperatures in a shorter time period results in fresher quality and more efficient operations, advantages which help your business enhance in profitability and consumer loyalty. 

Rapid cooling rate

The properties of ChillPro LiquidICE with it's high latent heat energy enables instant cooling of bulk product to 4˚C without freezing. 

Food-safe system

Dairy products must be kept under strict controlled environments throughout production. ChillPro LiquidICE is a safe medium.

Maintain temperatures

ChillPro LiquidICE properties enables product to be kept at a constant temperature throughout processing and storage.

Streamline processing

With an automated system, operations can be simplified and sped up as LiquidICE packages are integrated into system operations. 

Greater heat transfer rate

Utilize the latent energy in the LiquidICE to achieve a greater temperature differential in a plate and frame heat exchanger to generate a more efficient cooling process and reduce the size of the heat exchanger.

Easy storage

The efficient cooling of LiquidICE slurry lets you cut the ice consumption required at harvest or processing by 35%. It eliminates the need to constantly replenish melted ice or break up clumped ice, saving time and money.



ChillPro FRESH LiquidICE packages are recommended by the industry as the best refrigeration media for cooling of dairy products. The cooling system ensures goods are never subjected to temperatures below freezing which can negatively affect the strength of any emulsions, but rather the latent heat of the ice rapidly cools any dairy product to 4 degrees. 

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