No matter how big or small your cooling needs are, we would love to find out more about your requirements. Since 1998 we have been supplying bespoke cooling systems to keep many industries running worldwide. We are privately owned, headquartered in Campbelltown, Australia, with offices and our research and development centre based in the United Kingdom.
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Maximum result and an unrivalled commitment to ensuring the success of our clients. Quality management systems, quality controls and a dedication to continuous improvement to meet the growing needs of the process industry.



Loyalty is embedded into the ChillPro experience; open, honest and fair, people trust to adhere to our word and we are there for our clients. Always.



We make, we deliver, you grow: for the FASTER | COLDER | BETTER. ChillPro watches its clients reap their reward and gain optimum results through providing innovative solutions to their cooling needs.

Ensure your industry is kept running with a wide range of industrial chillers for your business. With 1 to 100KW units, ChillPro COOL offers sustainable, flexible, and reliable packages. 

Harness the power of super-cooling preservation technology with ChillPro FRESH LiquidICE slurry systems. Delivering exceptional cooling for the preservation of fresh products. 

ChillPro ENERGY provides a revolutionary approach to thermal energy storage. Using ice as an energy cooling medium. Optimise your savings and sustainability with ChillPro ENERGY.