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Upgrade your facility to become an energy storage asset with ChillPro's thermal energy solution: TESberg.

ChillPro ENERGY accelerates the renewable energy revolution through technologies to create a sustainable energy storage solution. We understand that buildings account up for almost 40% of global carbon emissions and by providing ChillPro ENERGY solutions we help turn commercial building cooling systems from grid burdens into clean, safe and cost-effective energy storage assets.

Harness the power of renewables

Improve management of energy supply to create a more resilient system. Increase your buildings energy agility for greater sustainability and profitability, whilst reducing your grid dependency.

ChillPro ENERGY provides a revolutionary approach to thermal energy storage through the TESberg battery systems, significantly reducing the costs and enhancing energy savings for medium refrigeration applications. TESberg Energy Storage battery uses thermal energy for heating and cooling processes and is guaranteed as the most economically and environmentally rewarding energy storage system, bridging the gap between the ever-growing peak demand of energy requirement and energy use.



thermal energy battery

Flexible, and reliable, the ChillPro ENERGY unit enables customers to be strategic about their energy consumption by taking advantage of  lowest  utility  rates  to  both  save  money  and  reduce  their  carbon  This ability ensures an increase in efficiency of harvesting and processing, whilst dramatically saving costs. ChillPro ENERGY is a distributed ice powered battery allowing customers to create up to 40 tons of thermal energy storage a day. 

ChillPro ENERGY Battery



ChillPro ENERGY LiquidICE systems employ the production of ice or chilled water during off-peak electrical usage periods, usually at night, using lower cost electricity. This stored energy is then used during on-peak electrical usage periods for air conditioning and process cooling requirements throughout the day or when large amounts of energy are required. Thermal energy storage systems can be sized to operate in a load-shifting or load-leveling strategy.


The ChillPro ENERGY system runs during off-peak hours and enough energy is stored to meet the heat load demands during the on-peak hours of operation, allowing for a much smaller refrigeration system and working with current chiller capacities to meet the load, eliminating expensive electrical consumption during on-peak hours.


The ChillPro ENERGY system is allowed to operate 24 hours a day and the stored energy is used during periods where electrical demand charges apply, eliminating such charges and reducing energy costs.


Compared to traditional cooling systems, ChillPro ENERGY refrigeration systems utilize smaller capacity equipment and typically operate during off-peak hours, reducing operating costs.


Thermal energy storage systems provide energy savings when there are high loads of short duration, high electric power demand charges, or low electrical charges during off-peak hours. Additionally, lower ambient temperatures at night enhance operating efficiency.


why chillpro ENERGY?

ChillPro ENERGY Systems are designed to meet the challenges of todays energy user. There are large uncertainties in forecast of energy usage with the exposure to potentially high commodity costs. Electricity pricing can often be volatile, especially when purchasing power on the wholesale market. For those in industries requiring large amounts of power there is a challenged faced with this issue. ChillPro ENERGY allows for the storage of low cost energy purchased from the grid or from renewable assets, they system and units works to form a position for the customer against market price fluctuation which in turn increase costs savings with the ability for the consumer to better forecast their energy costings and usage.

Most energy efficient LiquidICE generator available

Largest capacity system available in the smallest footprint

Modular design with ability to integrate fully into existing process systems

Consistently low delivery temperatures

Flexibility to optimise system efficiency under variable load conditions

Flexibility to operate as a chiller as well as an LiquidICE generator.

Flexible and cost-effective tank design and utilisation

20-year life span


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