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There are many processes within chemical manufacturing that require accurate and reliable temperature control and cooling solutions. ChillPro understands that temperature fluctuations can have detrimental effects on precise manufacturing or testing processes within this industry and having the right equipment for close temperature control is essential. With our team working for you and in-house design and project management, ChillPro helps manage the project from specification to delivery and ongoing commissioning.



Whether you’re manufacturing basic chemicals, speciality chemicals or chemicals for consumer products such as cosmetics, cleaning materials or paint and varnishes, you’ll have temperatures you need to achieve across your process, including jacketed or reactor vessels. Achieving those temperatures in specific time frames and having complete control of them will enable you to produce consistently high quality products – reducing your costs. Our engineered process temperature control solutions can be tailored to your operation, to cool efficiently and maintain critical temperatures. Our team work with you to provide solutions to match your exact requirements. Our solutions are fully customisable and modular to fit your exact site requirements, factory design and colour scheme.



Close temperature control is critical to Life Sciences, whether you’re formulating a new drug, carrying out research trials or in production. Increased efficiency, product quality, and process transparency can be achieved with the help of our advanced temperature control solutions. Our ChillPro ENERGY storage systems work with your HVAC cooling solutions and are designed to meet the needs of close control environments where accuracy is key. Your exact processing and storage requirements are guaranteed by ChillPro’s advanced, energy efficient and cost-effective control of process cooling solutions; tailored to meet your exact processing and storage requirements.



Achieving the correct temperatures on your petrochemical process is critical for the reactions and end result. Our temperature control and cooling solutions will enable you to accurately reach and maintain your process temperatures achieving consistency and quality in your process. Our solutions are fully customisable and modular to fit your exact site requirements, factory design and colour scheme.

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