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There are certain challenges for today’s energy user for processes within business operations. 

We find: 

  1. Exposure to high commodity costs causing volatile pricing to decrease the ability to forecast on energy expenditure. 
  2. Marginal transitions and power purchase costs associated with Network related restrictions 
  3. Electricity networks issues causing extensive distribution problems, leading to interruptions in production and potential risks to product quality. 
  4. Sustainability of natural resources 
  5. Limited with the amount of cooling current refrigeration can provide instantaneously with current capacity constraints. 

But these challenges are more important than ever now, with government and user alike aware of the rising energy costs and an over reliance on fossil fuels; trying to find cost-effective, and quick pay-back ways to decrease energy costings for processes within business operations. In some cases with energy, particularly cooling, accounting for up to 90% of costs, solutions are needed! 


ChillPro ENERGY innovative technologies meet the needs associated with energy storage and integration of renewable energy sources without limiting the operating performance of energy intensive processes. ChillPro Systems thermal storage system efficiently stores and releases energy on demand via capturing the latent heat of safe environmentally friendly phase change materials. Based on ICE science and technology, the ENERGY solution provided by ChillPro provides an innovative and new source.  

With ChillPro ENERGY: 

  • Retain and store energy from renewable sources 
  • Increase your savings, in-turn your profitability and value 
  • 20 – 40 % reduction in utility costs 
  • Get greener with less carbon-intensive loads 

FASTER | COLDER | BETTER with ChillPro Systems 

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