Advanced Food Preservation

Harness the power of LiquidICE technologies to preserve product freshness in order to maintain and deliver quality.

Thermal Battery cooling systems featuring ICEPOD Energy Storage.

Thermal Battery solutions make ice at night to cool buildings and help manage cooling loads during the day.

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Direct Contact Cooling Preservation

LiquidICE delivers true freshness through advanced cooling technology for food safety & quality exports. Increasing profits on fresh food.


Supplying Australian food producers with supercooling ice technology to hold their product at peak freshness

ChillPro FRESH is a preservation technology that uses ChillPro Systems’ patented ice technology to deliver a LiquidICE slurry, formed from salt or fresh water. The LiquidICE comprises of millions of nano-like ice crystals, generated from either sea water or fresh water, and delivered in an ice slurry form to fully coat the outside of a product, cooling instantly to the core. 

Designed and patented by ChillPro Systems, the ice technology has been used across a broad range of applications to provide an effective and consistent means of cooling as demand increases for better and fresher food. ChillPro FRESH LiquidICE systems are available to a wide range of system configurations and we work with you to design the best suited system for your requirements and site. 



ChillPro FRESH uses LiquidICE technology to deliver exceptional cooling and preservation for greater product quality. Used over many food production and processing applications, ChillPro FRESH LiquidICE systems harness the power of rapid cooling to improve profitability in operations and product quality.




ChillPro ENERGY TESberg battery offers flexible and sustainable storage of thermal energy used for heating and cooling process. Guaranteed as the most economically and environmentally rewarding energy storage system, bridging the gap between the ever-growing peak of demand for energy requirement and energy use. The flexibility to the electricity network it provides supports decarbonisation of Australia's electricity system by 2030.



The ChillPro LiquidICE system generates the slurry ice crystals in solution and can produce variable state ice with different ice concentrations to meet customer needs for different products. The resulting slurry to rapidly cool and hold valuable products at peak freshness for longer periods of time. The LiquidICE is pumped to the point of use, eliminating costly and maintenance intensive rakes, augers and ice conveying systems. When applied, the slurry quickly fills all crevasses, totally coating the food, unlike common flake-ice that often sits on top of the product with limited contact points. Traditional cooling methods can quickly dry out a product resulting in a loss of quality and flavour. This common problem is eliminated with ChillPro LiquidICE technology.


LiquidICE cooling properties chill product up to 5 times faster to the core than that of flake, crushed or RSW. The uniform and instant cooling produces fresher higher quality product which can be help at a set temperature until sale at market, without having to freeze the goods.


ChillPro LiquidICE is produced, stored and pumped to point of use all within a closed system eliminating any exposure to outside contaminants.


LiquidICE contains high latent energy meaning energy costs are lowered and cooling efficiency is greater. The system allows for load levelling or load shifting to of peak hours with lower energy rates.


ChillPro LiquidICE systems are fully automated that can be pumped anywhere along the processing line. This makes the icing process easy to handle where no shoveling or manual labour is required.

Cooling for oyster and mussel processing

why chillpro fresh?

From working within the fish & seafood industry, on-board or land processing to chilling cooked vegetables for preparation of dips and spreads, these operations require best cooling and preservation methods, flexible and adaptable to your processes in order to preserve product quality and keep the products in the best shape, form and taste. There are many different methods when cooling fresh foods, however most traditional methods of cooling have effect on product quality and impact the food negatively causing profit and quality losses. Flake ice is amongst the most common cooling methods for cooling of fish & seafood as well as produce. This method of cooling however can cut and bruise goods, decreasing shelf-life as the uneven and ununiform coverage of the ice can cause inaccurate temperature control and higher contamination. Another method, such as RSW has proven inefficient and cannot deliver the sub-cooling requirements of food safety. Learn the benefits of ChillPro LiquidICE.

Superior cooling with rapid chilling to below zero within 40 minutes to the core of product, without freezing. This reduces time for contamination and loss of quality.

Increased shelf-life as product is chilled instantly to the core and the LiquidICE solution maintains temperature for longer periods of time.

Preserved product appearance as ChillPro LiquidICE is cold yet soft, acting as a layer to help protect and cushion the product from any damage.

Achieve the same temperature in return solution as the supply solution

Earn premium price with better quality products chilled using ChillPro LiquidICE.

Pumpable to point of use anywhere within building or processing line.

Reach new and further markets as LiquidICE preservation maintains constant temperature for longer periods of time, retaining freshness, colour and quality.

A cooling solution that grows with you as the ability to expand in future with modular system packages.

Reduce processing time and increase throughout with faster and more effective cooling from ChillPro LiquidICE.

Want to ease operation and higher profits?

We are keen to help you with all aspects of your temperature control & cooling requirements.
If you'd like to find out more about your specific application, ChillPro are here to help.

chillpro fresh

ChillPro FRESH is a brand of ChillPro Systems. Using LiquidICE technologies developed  and patented by ChillPro Systems in 2002, ChillPro FRESH uses the power of LiquidICE slurry to cool fresh food products and other highly delicate foods to the core, preserving peak product freshness to deliver harvest-fresh quality to end-consumers resulting in higher profitability and consumer loyalty. 

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