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Harness the power of ChillPro LiquidICE slurry systems to deliver rapid
and efficient process cooling, direct chilling and thermal control.

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Welcome to ChillPro Systems. We are an Australian owned manufacturing company passionate about helping our clients needs in choosing and selecting the best sustainable and effective cooling system for their process requirements. Across our three brands, ChillPro Systems’ ‘cold phenomenon’ system packages use LiquidICE science as the effective and versatile cooling medium to provide the highest standard solutions. LiquidICE systems deliver on-demand ice slurry for rapid and efficient process cooling, direct chilling and thermal control; changing the way we cool in order to maximise profitability and retain natural resources.  

LiquidICE is an innovative molecular ice technology that is used across a wide range of applications and industries to provide a sustainable, efficient and cost-effective cooling system. LiquidICE is made, stored and distributed through a ChillPro system package design, combined to create a solution that is easy to use and fits multiple environments. As a market leader in the design and manufacture of specialised cooling systems, our technology is created to achieve ultimate cooling across many applications ranging from Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Medical through to HVAC and Facility Management solutions.  Learn more about ice technology and its advantages here. 


ChillPro helps you get the most efficient, reliable and effective cooling system for your process. Explore our brands. Harness the power of LiquidICE technologies.




ChillPro guarantees faster response and service times resulting in increased production output meaning our customer can respond to market demand FASTER.


Our system designs are based on proven, environmentally friendly, green cooling technology that is COLDER compared to traditional methods.


Companies are always striving for higher quality, increased yields, and big returns. At ChillPro we help our clients benefit through the application of technology and know-how to achieve BETTER outcomes for all.



Developed by ChillPro Systems in 2002, patented LiquidICE slurry technology provides a fast, uniform and long-lasting cooling across many and varied applications, resulting in superior quality, longer shelf life, operational efficiencies and greater market reach. LiquidICE is used within cooling systems whether it be process cooling applications – ChillPro COOL, providing rapid cooling, direct chilling for preservation and maintaining quality of delicate and highly perishable foods – ChillPro FRESH, a preservation technology and as an effective medium for energy storage – ChillPro ENERGY where LiquidICE is used to convert heat into energy and stored within a battery for immediate use. 



LiquidICE delivers up to 3 times the cooling rate of conventional methods such as RFS or Flake Ice. Nature of the LiquidICE ensures cooling below 4 degrees to the core, without freezing, in less than 40 minutes.


LiquidICE contains high amounts of latent heat energy which can be stored, converted and used later for cooling applications providing a renewable and clean source of energy.


Full automated systems allow for less labour intensive operations as free-flowing LiquidICE can be pumped anywhere and controlled all through custom software screens, either on-site or off-site.


All LiquidICE is produced, stored and pumped out through a closed system. This limits any exposure to outside elements and creates a safe, versatile and clean cooling solution for highly delicate products and materials.

Industrial ice applications

LiquidICE is used over a range industries that require rapid and efficient cooling as a key component in their production process or as a way to preserve perishable goods. Across our three brands, ChillPro patented LiquidICE is used within our cooling systems to provide an effective and reliable solution to your cooling needs and has been a trusted brand in industrial applications since 2002. 


We’re a team passionate about providing temperature control and cooling solution to best suit your application and processing requirements. We’re keen to help with your next project and will be excited to hear from you… to drive the cold phenomenon into your business. Capture, cool, contain. 

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Like to talk about cooling solutions for your application? Our LiquidICE systems are available across our three brands in a variety of configurations which are designed to suit your specific requirements. We are keen to help you with all aspects of your temperature control requirement and will develop a solution to integrate into your system operations.